Friday, January 21, 2011

The Pharaohs Tomb - Creator: Ali

So, Ray & I had been working on our buildings when Ali came over and wanted to make a house.  We were out of doors and widows, but being Ali she just said that she would have to get creative.   And, boy did she!  This is her Pharaoh's Tomb.
 Here you can see the Pharaoh (or maybe it's another explorer) hanging out of the treasure chest.  The table is filled with gold and treasure.
 The outside has lots of deserty things.. scorpions lurking, and a snake hiding in the shade of a bush.

 The explorer himself rode in on his horse following the map in his hand. 

Love the whole scene.  Both my girls are so very creative with our limited lego supplies.

Another Unnamed - Creator: Ray

 This house has a nice big yard, doghouse, robot, car, and other accessories.  No people here... maybe they were out when I took these pics. hehe
 Inside the house is an awesome kitchen with stove and refrigerator and counters.  A flat screen tv with basketball storage underneath. 
 On the opposite wall is a bed and a toilet.  Notice the brown... umm... yeah you know what that is... in the toilet.  Gotta love that girl!
 Full wall of windows on the side of the house and her awesome living car.  This thing has flowers growing out the top and great tile work in the back.

 Tree in the side yard and a campfire.
Basketball hoops.. yes there are two. And the doghouse. You can kinda see the little robot on the front of the yard.  It's really cute.

The Transport - Creator: Mom

 Ok... this thing is by far my most favorite creation that I've done yet.  It's called "The Transport" because I found a flat side panel thingy that said Transport on it and used it for fun on the side.  Hubby then couldn't stop calling it that.  It's really a camper/small RV.  The scene shows it pulled up to a campsite complete with big tree, flowers, campfire, bench to watch the fire, picnic table, barbecue, plates & food, and a garage can.
 The guys here are barbecuing and eating after a long drive.  This one shows the picnic table good.  I really like that table.

 Front side of the rv with the pop out side that folds down so you can see inside.  I ultimately wanted that to be extra living space, but that didn't work out.  I wish I had made the top removable because it was hard to show the inside.
 Inside here you can sorta see the drivers seat & steering wheal. There is another seat and a dashboard with a coffee cup on it.

 Here you can see the bed with the quilt on the inside of the rv.
 Back view.
 Other side with the flap open door to get in and out.  Also, there is a light next to the door.
 Frontish view.  IT has a classic rv front where the passengers sit.  Here you can kinda see the coffee cup inside.  I used some heavy duty wheals so this thing could go off road!

The Bistro - Creator: Mom

 The bistro was the first thing I made without instructions.  I love coffee houses / bistros.  Not the best pics, but you can see the front has a barbecue going and a spot to sit and enjoy coffee.  Some flowers line the front of the bistro before you go onto the tiled entryway.
 The front boasts open entrances and hanging lights.
 Inside you'll find an espresso maker, and a display case filled with muffins and cupcakes.  The front counter is made of glass and there is a shelf with goodies on it in the back.

 Top and side views.

Bachelor Pad - Creator: Ali

 This was the first big thing made by my oldest daughter.  She calls it "The Bachelor Pad".  There is a whole scene going on here.  She has amazing detail in all her lego creations. 
Fist off, notice that all the windows have window boxes and flowers.  She used those upside down slant pieces when she was building up the walls... genius!  Inside the house is a nice large comfy couch with an end table and lamp. And of course a bachelor pad wouldn't be complete without big flat screen tv.  Then we have the kitchen.  Counters, stove, and a refrigerator.  Just look at how she did it.  I was truly amazed.  Her sister used the same kitchen in a different house.  It was just to good to take apart!  Oh.. one guy is watching tv and the other is cooking.
 Outside there is a very competitive game of basketball going on.  Love the court and she made all the guys special for this.  Also you can see the guy next to the house taking care of the flowers by watering them with his watering can.

 Here you can see the guy working on his car.  And, the dog house with the dog in it in the side yard.  You can also see some of her walkway here.
 Close up of the kitchen.
Final view of the house.  On top of the roof you can see the the tv dish.

Currently Unnamed - Creator: Ray

 Love this house.  Again, Ray is so very creative.  This one has so much going on.  I'll start with the roof shown below.  It's hollow inside like the top of a barn.  It had animals in it... don't see them her though.  on top of the roof is the very secure mailbox with the key hanging down on the chain. It also has a flag hanging out over the landing there.

 In the yard are lots of flowers and a inside the house is a nice big bed, a bucket with jewels in it, a table with a book and a baby dragon, and a table set our ready to eat some chicken.  Gotta love the smile on the wall!
Check out her fence.  Very good work there.  And, her guy who lives there... well... not quite sure about him.  He's riding a horse while standing and he has swords on his back and crazy tall nubbin like hair.  His car is equally unique.  Check out the first picture for a better view of it.

Cabin In The Woods - Creator: Mom

This is my tiny cabin in the woods.  We didn't have much in the way of forest greenery at the time. (we thankfully have more now!)  It's a simple little house with a large tree out front, flower garden patch, and a front stoop with more flowers and plants.
 Inside the house you'll find all your basic things.  A bed with a quilt and an end table with a lamp.  Welcome rug, swivel comfy chair, fireplace with a stone hearth and tile floor.  Another table with a lamp and a small wood stove with chicken cooking.  And, of course a small stool and a table that is attached to the wall so it can be pulled up for use and then layed flat against the wall when not in use.
 More views of the house.  One of our favorite things to do with buildings is to make a removable roof so it's easy to see inside.  I think I may do a tutorial on that!

 Well... that's about all for this one.  Oh... on this side of the cabin you can see the patched roof and the chimney.