Friday, January 21, 2011

Bachelor Pad - Creator: Ali

 This was the first big thing made by my oldest daughter.  She calls it "The Bachelor Pad".  There is a whole scene going on here.  She has amazing detail in all her lego creations. 
Fist off, notice that all the windows have window boxes and flowers.  She used those upside down slant pieces when she was building up the walls... genius!  Inside the house is a nice large comfy couch with an end table and lamp. And of course a bachelor pad wouldn't be complete without big flat screen tv.  Then we have the kitchen.  Counters, stove, and a refrigerator.  Just look at how she did it.  I was truly amazed.  Her sister used the same kitchen in a different house.  It was just to good to take apart!  Oh.. one guy is watching tv and the other is cooking.
 Outside there is a very competitive game of basketball going on.  Love the court and she made all the guys special for this.  Also you can see the guy next to the house taking care of the flowers by watering them with his watering can.

 Here you can see the guy working on his car.  And, the dog house with the dog in it in the side yard.  You can also see some of her walkway here.
 Close up of the kitchen.
Final view of the house.  On top of the roof you can see the the tv dish.

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