Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Things Started

Well, here it is.  A good portfolio for my family's creative outlets.  With 3 kids in the house we do a lot of art projects, building, and playing.  Our son is only 4.5 months old, so you won't see him much here yet.  But, my daughters are very busy.  So you'll be seeing a lot of them. 

One of your favorite things to do lately is build with Legos.  My youngest daughter, Rachel (Ray) got two big house building Lego kits this last Xmas from Santa.  Since them we have been building like crazy.  The side bar will have a list of all our lego kits that we have and I'll add to it as our Lego collection grows.  It'll give any of you curious enough an idea about what pieces we have.

On this blog I'll be posting anything creative that any members of the family may do.  From the girls you'll see sports, artwork, building projects, and maybe even a few class projects thrown in there.  My hubby is rebuilding a car engine currently and I love just about anything that has to do with fiber.  (of course we love to build Legos too!)  I'll still be keeping up with my blog So check that one out too.  

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