Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Unnamed - Creator: Ray

 This house has a nice big yard, doghouse, robot, car, and other accessories.  No people here... maybe they were out when I took these pics. hehe
 Inside the house is an awesome kitchen with stove and refrigerator and counters.  A flat screen tv with basketball storage underneath. 
 On the opposite wall is a bed and a toilet.  Notice the brown... umm... yeah you know what that is... in the toilet.  Gotta love that girl!
 Full wall of windows on the side of the house and her awesome living car.  This thing has flowers growing out the top and great tile work in the back.

 Tree in the side yard and a campfire.
Basketball hoops.. yes there are two. And the doghouse. You can kinda see the little robot on the front of the yard.  It's really cute.

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