Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Retreat - Creator: Ray

The retreat is a place to play and have fun. As you can see from this first picture, Rachel really thinks outside the box.  She made the front facade of a house just as a background prop to her awesome front yard.

 Here you can see the dog house upper wing.  Not sure what to call it really.  She says it's like a tree house.  Very cook.  The guy is sitting in a chair next to a table. 

 Here you can see the stairs leading down the the doghouse underneath.  And, the awesome tree, flowers and horse in the yard.
 A view of the pool.  This one cracked me up.  The yellow to the left is a slide and the door is so you can get in... of course!!!  The dog house also has a door so you can easily access the pool.  And, above the door are chicken legs.  Yumm...
A top down view in all it's goodness.

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