Friday, January 21, 2011

The Transport - Creator: Mom

 Ok... this thing is by far my most favorite creation that I've done yet.  It's called "The Transport" because I found a flat side panel thingy that said Transport on it and used it for fun on the side.  Hubby then couldn't stop calling it that.  It's really a camper/small RV.  The scene shows it pulled up to a campsite complete with big tree, flowers, campfire, bench to watch the fire, picnic table, barbecue, plates & food, and a garage can.
 The guys here are barbecuing and eating after a long drive.  This one shows the picnic table good.  I really like that table.

 Front side of the rv with the pop out side that folds down so you can see inside.  I ultimately wanted that to be extra living space, but that didn't work out.  I wish I had made the top removable because it was hard to show the inside.
 Inside here you can sorta see the drivers seat & steering wheal. There is another seat and a dashboard with a coffee cup on it.

 Here you can see the bed with the quilt on the inside of the rv.
 Back view.
 Other side with the flap open door to get in and out.  Also, there is a light next to the door.
 Frontish view.  IT has a classic rv front where the passengers sit.  Here you can kinda see the coffee cup inside.  I used some heavy duty wheals so this thing could go off road!

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