Friday, January 21, 2011

Currently Unnamed - Creator: Ray

 Love this house.  Again, Ray is so very creative.  This one has so much going on.  I'll start with the roof shown below.  It's hollow inside like the top of a barn.  It had animals in it... don't see them her though.  on top of the roof is the very secure mailbox with the key hanging down on the chain. It also has a flag hanging out over the landing there.

 In the yard are lots of flowers and a inside the house is a nice big bed, a bucket with jewels in it, a table with a book and a baby dragon, and a table set our ready to eat some chicken.  Gotta love the smile on the wall!
Check out her fence.  Very good work there.  And, her guy who lives there... well... not quite sure about him.  He's riding a horse while standing and he has swords on his back and crazy tall nubbin like hair.  His car is equally unique.  Check out the first picture for a better view of it.

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